quality vs features

Bryan in Broad Ripple, IN
The original poster was discussing quality issues related to drill presses. I assumed that he was referring to the performance and build quality of the drill press. That is why I listed my performance and quality criteria.

While your list of requirments was a fine feature set, it really didn't address the underlying issues the OP raised regarding the quality issues in newly made machinery. I tried to bring a bit of that to the discussion.

About 10 years ago, my neighbor bought a brand new Ridgid drill press from Home Depot. He paid north of $500 for it. I'm sure that it had many of the features you liked, but it wasn't a quality machine.

It vibrated so badly that it shook the walls and scooted across the floor when it ran. The drill bits wobbled badly when it ran due to poor run-out. He was proud of it, though, thinking that the shaking of the walls was a good showed how powerful it was, or so he said.

While you are correct that wood moves, that idea shouldn't preclude our efforts to try to do accurate work. Table saws, planers, and jointers work best when they are adjusted properly, work smoothly, and are capable of accurate, repeatable work. A drill press is no different in my opnion.

Neither of my drill presses are capable of hitting the 0.001" runout number that you list. I'm not sure where that number came from. I'm not talking about chasing CNC metalworking tolerences. I'm just trying to provide general qualities to look for in a machine to help keep someone from getting burned on an expensive purchase.


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