Etsy or not . . .
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Is this a good Idea???? ()

Barry, I don't know if you feel moved to make a go of creating one-off artistic pieces to sell on Etsy with which you may be foiled by long times between sales or if you want to set up your shop in a manufacturing style and produce many of one item but, I feel there are significant opportunities for the latter. It may not satisfy creative juices but manufacturing does offer one the tools and resources to pursue personal, more satisfying woodworking outside one's business.

Anyway, I feel if you look around, there are many things and components of things that are made of wood. Someone has to make them and, if you work to find the right product and the right opportunity, the rewards are gratifying in that you can set your own hours and not have go far to get to work. I have done it this way for nearly 20 years and, now that I'm getting ready to fully retire, I wish I had discovered this way of life and business much earlier.

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