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Larry Rupprecht
Interesting comments. I have those same thoughts as Barry expressed as well as the comment about a businessman selling blue trucks instead of the red color he favors. In my case and in perhaps a large fraction of the many readers [lurkers] of this forum, being retired and not depending on profit from woodworking is a huge factor in forming an answer to Barry's original question.
I know that hitting the perfect item that flies off the workbench for huge profits is a smile stimulator....but do I want to work like a dog to keep up with demand? I find more enjoyment in making and gifting things that stimulate smiles in the recipients. When fund-raisers ask for items for silent and bidding auctions, I try to find a couple items that will sell well [like the blue trucks!] and enjoy the price they bring for a good cause.
And, Barry, if you are taking more than a minute to change drum sandpaper, I still recommend buying the tool to grab that tensioner lever. Especially if your shop-made tool still brings out a couple blue words while in use...... Mr. Tindall has attested to the usefulness of the correct tool several times.

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