Re: You didn't address my theory

Randy Johnson
Well I could only mention a few tools because almost everything these days comes out of Southeast Asia, but in the cases I did mention where it IS possible to still buy tools made in America, people who care about quality will pay the extra and buy a domestic product.
To get into the root causes of why so much of the US industrial base has set up shop elsewhere is beyond the scope of this forum. It involves labor, taxes, regulations, and greed from a number of different sources. But I think companies like Delta and Powermatic would still be in business even if they had stayed where they were at because they were producing a better product than their Asian counterparts. And both professionals and serious hobbyists WILL pay for quality tools.
The whole subject is pretty much moot. Unless a company starts up in the US to compete directly with established brands now based in China and Taiwan, there is no way of proving if a US machinery maker making products worthy of comparison to the products of years past can compete with established names making crap and surviving on their past reputation.

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