Re: New storage box for chisels

Joe Fleming
Love both boxes. The problem I have with boxes for any tools is that they need to have accessible storage locations that do not encourage stacking or burying. My humble chisel box is in a drawer. Because of space restrictions, I built the drawer to hold two layers of tools. The top layer is a tray for forstner bits. The bottom layer for the chisel box. Now that I have to dig for the chisel box, they get used less and the "crappy" ones laying loose in the drawer get more use. I keep a blade guard on all of the chisel blades - crappy or good.

My solution for most tools is to make sure the storage box can stand on edge. Then I line up the boxes and can individually pull a box without having to move another. I have labeled each box/case expertly with green painter's tape and a black Sharpie marker. :)

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