Debugging Chainsw -Thanks John

Stuart Johnson
John, Thank you for all your help and directions. I bought a spark tester and didn't get a spark. I open the saw and figured it wasn't too had to getting to the coil so I got one off Amazon. After fiddling with it got the gap set properly or at least to the business card distance. At first I didn't see any spark but finally did with all the light turned off. I have now been able to start it several different times and can now get on with my slabbing of several small trees.

Right now my only issue is a missing screw from the starter cover. If I don't find it in the sawdust it can be replaced. I also had a bolt loosen on the Alaska Mill that allowed the bar to slip up against the chain. It was a gradual slow down on cutting to smoke and stopping. Tomorrow I'll fix the mill and add a new chain. I don't know if the old one can be sharpened or if the temper is gone and it's trash.

What I've learned:
1. Don't be afraid to dive into the guts of a chainsaw.
2. Think twice about re sawing logs.
3. WoodcCrentral is where you can go for answers.

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Debugging Chainsw -Thanks John
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