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Randy Johnson
I’m with you on the reading of reviews. Another thing that comes into play is when the review was made. Old bad reviews and newer good ones can indicate that a chronic problem has been remedied at the source. On the other side of the coin, old good reviews and recent bad ones can indicate that a company has cheapened its product and thinks it can ride on its reputation.
As far as buying American is concerned, I think there are still a lot of people who would gladly spend extra for a domestic product but it has reached the point where that is almost impossible. A lot more is involved than spending habits of US consumers. But this isn’t the place for that discussion.
Buying at auctions around here isn’t a good option. In the first place, woodworking stuff - good stuff - rarely shows up. When it does, there always seems to be a couple idiots who run the bidding past, sometimes way past, retail for brand new. The only bargain I’ve ever got on something woodworking related was a circa 1909 lion miter trimmer for $45

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