Re: What has happened to “good” tools?

Barry Irby
I have a floor model drill press I have had for about fifty years. Delta. I Upgraded it by adding a counterweight to the table. Made a big difference. (No Crank)

I also go to a lot of estate sales and auctions. I bought a Much newer Delta drill press with all the bells and whistles. Larger Tilt table, crank to raise and lower, etc. The more I looked at it the less I liked it. Four inch stroke Instead of six, just looked poorly made compared to my old one. Kept the one I had and sold the new one.

Having said that, I occasionally see excellent drill presses and other tools at auctions. Maybe you should check that out and buy some old iron or at least older iron.

I have bought about five Festool items and am very happy with them.

Where are you? I could keep you posted on what I see.

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