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eliot feldman
I never thought of your comments as rough or anything like that. Critiques can be harsh so long as they are not mean-spirited. I am enjoying this (rather long) thread-- not just because I like attention of any kind -- but precisely because it has a fair amount of critique in it. I mean it's good sometimes to get away from how many teeth in a saw blade, etc. As for the box, I've already gotten rid of the "dough boy" and am thinking about what I should do instead. But I 'm beginning to feel that it's not the handle that's the main problem; I believe now that the real issue with this box is that the turned lid with its symmetric grain pattern doesn't really go with the very plain blank sides. Today I added a thin strip of walnut all around the box near the bottom in an attempt to overcome what i see as the main problem. Tomorrow I'll try to make a better lid handle that also takes into account this added strip.

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