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Barry Irby
There used to be a hardwood flooring plant nearby. I stopped in occasionally and bought flooring. Sometimes I would see amazing scraps in the dumpster. Jatoba and other exotics that were too figured for their use or perhaps knotty. They gave me a pickup load. But I digress....What I also noticed was the belts for their 4' wide drum sanders. The middle 3' would be worn out and the outer 6" got no use. I cut the edges off several and it was some excellent sandpaper. They had the machine set up to oscillate the belt left to right about two inches and excellent dust collection. Also had air blowing blowing on the belt to cool it and clean it. You are not going to get the mileage they did with a drum sander.

I have some 36 grit belts for my Perfomax and have used some in the past. My recollection is they did not remove stock much faster that 80 grit belts. My supposition is that the amount of "work" the motor is doing is related to the amount of wood being cut away more than the grit size. Thus I settled on the 80 grit. I have not done side by side testing and my opinion may be based on the belts I had at the moment. My thinking was that if I was trying to get to a finished state I would have to sand a few passes with the 36 and then a couple with 80 to get rid of the scratches. Might just as well make all the passes with the 80 and skip the belt change.

I am gong to try the sandpaper on the sled Idea.

I tried thinning them down with my Dewalt lunch box planer. The problem with that is when you reach the thinness limit the planer tells you by exploding the end of the strip. I have straight knives. Someone mentioned better luck with a spiral head but I am skeptical.

I think I have a 36 grit belt for a 16/32 Performax. I will send it to you if you want to play with it. It's new.

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