As a practical matter......

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It is becoming clear that most use this machine for finish sanding and not adjusting thickness or smoothing teeth parks from veneer. And absent the marvelous tool, I can see where changing belts to go from coarse to fine on the task would not be considered desirable.

In the past few days I have needed to adjust the thickness of 5 dozen strips for bent lamination. In some cases they were sawed too heavy so that up to 1/16" needed to be removed. Anyone with this need would not find 150 grit belts or sticking each piece on with tape practical.

Now that I can change belts in a short time I will be doing initial sanding with something as coarse as practical. I have never sanded coarser than 80 so I was looking for what was optimum. It will be pricy buying a pack of several grit sizes to find out for myself. I'll post results in time. I was able to mow off 1/4 turn on a 4" wide strip of white oak with a 36 grit belt. But before I could explore this option I ruined the belt.

For the 1 1/2" wide strips of cherry I used 80 grit and it was slow. For the show faces I finish sanded with 120 following the 80.

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