Re: Aliphatic or PVA glue for sawn veneer?

GolfSteve in Calgary
Hi Barry. Any glue should work. Consider spraying the "dry" side of the veneer with water before applying glue to the wet site. This will help reduce curl caused by moisture in the glue.

I personally like hot hide glue for veneering (hammer veneering). For veneers that are clamped in place, I prefer fish glue or liquid hide glue, then PVA glue. PVA is really quite fine so long as you get all the glue off the surface before staining. If I just want to get it done without fiddling around or driving around the city looking for exotic glue, I would use PVA and it would turn out just as good as using any other glue.

Fish glue/liquid hide glue have the advantage of not reducing stain absorption that can be caused by spots of PVA glue. You can also apply fish/hide glue to both side of the veneer to help reduce curl, just wipe the excess glue off the surface before clamping (and use lots of wax paper to keep clamps and cauls from sticking)! This could be an advantage if you are trying to align a bunch of small pieces and are getting glue all over the place - PVA would be a pain to clean up, whereas cleanup wouldn't matter as much with fish glue.

If you use fish glue, clamp for at least 24 hours. It sucks when the glue is not fully dry and your veneer peels off (been there, done that).

Good luck,
Steven (also in Calgary)

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