Re: I just bought the Fuji Mini Mite 3

Mike L

Regular latex paint. I thin it with water so it flows though the Ford cup (viscosity cup) at the rate listed in the little booklet that came with the Air Cap (needle and cap).

I sprayed in my garage with out a lot of overspray. I was impressed with how little there was. I put down a nice smooth finish. I sprayed 8 interior doors in about an hour total. I put one coat on all the fronts and sides let it set while I cleaned up the gun. I then did the second side about an hour latter. took about 15 minutes. Then I cleaned up again. The next day I did the same thing.

Clean up is pretty easy just keep a bucket with soap and water near by if you don't have a deep sink handy.

If you don't want to spend the money on the 3 stage Mini Mite look at the Semi Pro.

Good Luck I am glad I bought it.

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