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Bruce McCrory
I started with Outlook at the Office years ago. (Full version.) It was great, so comprehensive, yet really easy to use. My computer went dark two months ago and I miss the service. However, I just learned it only reads my several accounts with Google. The messages remain on Google servers. The hazards of leaving a business network....

After ten years of controlling Windows from 7 to 10, owning the Office products with updates, my recent experience with the new was a bad nightmare. Worse than hitting a thousand and one PUPs. [Potentially Unwanted Programs; MS push spam and cling-ons.] The new version of Office (365-Cloud) is awful. So bad, I terminated the subscription, and am in the struggle to drag myself over to Linux. I seriously doubt I can tolerate Win11. I now use Libre Office--last few days--and am looking for an email client.

Thunderbird email was not pleasant or convenient. It choked on the Google downloads.

One thing I discovered with Google Mail is a junk account can be used to cruise the web and collect the spam from the cookie depositors, without contaminating the other accounts.

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