Two push sticks

John in New Mexico
There was a discussion a month or so back about push sticks. Since I was doing some ripping Tuesday evening I took a quick vid of the two stick method I learned in the shop I worked for around 1999. Not going to be for everyone of course, what with the unguarded blade and all, but its what I'm comfortable doing.

The piece of beech I'm ripping is well behaved, it opened a bit as the rip progressed rather than the kerf closing behind the blade. That is where this left hand stick is nice to use, it keeps the kerf open as well as letting you hold the piece down behind the blade. That saw originally had a repulsion-induction motor, and it was a pain when the kerf would pinch the blade - might not have flipped the board up, but it made me nervous. When I finally had to replace the motor a few years ago it became less alarming to rip thick maple and other grabby wood.

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