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I have used both kinds, but if you have a compressor, and they are pretty cheap these days, the 12 dollar gun Princess sells gives great results. Same as:

My neighbours brother was a pro with compressors, and he used those guns for a lot of jobs. He had a beater van (really dragged down the neighbourhood) but it contained the most powerful compressor I have ever seen, he would go around and ask people if they wanted their driveways coated, and then when they said yes, he would break out the spray gun and run tar coating in a few minutes. Always reminded me of that scene in Funny Lady with the chairs... He didn't use the paint guns for that, but he did once to paint his fence, and he shot right through, onto my boat.

I like the electric ones for doing parts of the house where I go up a ladder, as the cord is easier to handle than a hose.

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