Re: OT- Home Weather Station?

Don Goodwin
I have an Ambient 2902 station. Originally, I mounted on an endwall of my hoophouse, about 15 feet south of a 1-story barn. That location gave inaccurate wind direction and speed. I have since moved it to a fence post on a pasture about 100 feet away from the house and also away from the barn and trees. The wind direction and speed seem much more accurate. It is mounted on a 10 foot pole (top rail section from a chainlink fence). I had to move the indoor receiver closer to the window facing the pasture to get good reception. I have the light turned off on the indoor unit as it bothers my wife at night. I just use the app to see what is being reported. All-in-All, I'm pretty happy with this unit. I have an extra remote temperature sensor in my hoop house and am ordering another sensor to monitor my llama shed.

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