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Mark Hennebury
I own and also rebuild and sell a lot of old machinery, so I get to see the changes in design over the decades.

When stripping machines down to rebuild, you get an intimate look at all of the design, materials, tolerances and And a good idea of the work ethic of the people who machined and assembled the machines.

I have several machines from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's

I have some metalwork machines; a beautiful 1950's Dean Smith & Grace 13x40 metal lathe, Made in England that weighs in at over 5000 lbs , with lots of parts hand scraped. A truly nice machine that was built to last.

I have a German Ziersch and Baltrusch 8" x 18" surface grinder that is from 1980 and weighs in around 3000lbs and i am not impressed with the design of this machine.

I have a bunch of English Robinson woodworking machines from the 50's and a few from the 70's

I am rebuilding one of the 1970's English made Robinson Table saws. It is pretty interesting to see how it was made and the things that the individual maker has done in assembling it.

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