It seems like a matter of time...

David Weaver
before printing starts to beat out machining (on things where the machining may not be critical and printing will do, and will eventually do accurately).

I wonder what will be after printing.

I was thinking the other day, I wonder if someone will at some point, create a printer that applies finish and prints out a finish layer, but I guess a closer-quarters sprayer wouldn't be much different (and the spraying done by a lot of guitar manufacturers is done where the only human labor is hanging the guitars in the robot room).

Martin has a robot buffer now, too.

(and in looking for the video, so does taylor and so does steinway). If the buffer does its own quality assurance, i'd bet it results in less QC time and no repetitive stress injuries to employees. But probably a downer for the person here or there who really loves the physical and mental satisfaction of buffing a guitar at work).

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