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John in New Mexico
I have seen the same myself at my last job where I had a couple really good machinists working with me - the second of which is probably the most skilled I've ever known personally. Those guys could make parts that inexperienced people didn't believe were not CNC made, and they made them on machines that those same neophytes would say were only good as boat anchors.

Before you had CNC machines that supposedly could do everything better than a lifetime of skill, people didn't doubt their eyes. You saw an amazing part and you knew someone had made it. Now the default assumption is that a computer made it. And yet I've seen a lot of ill conceived and poorly modeled projects go into the scrap pile because that kid with a little learning, a lot of arrogance, and no experience figured his computer was better than trusting the judgement of a guy who had been running machines for 30 years.

The material point you make is 100% correct - the fancy machines save time, they do not replace skill. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about modern CNC equipment or just the traditional high accuracy tool room machines of the type that has been around since WWII or before.

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