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Mark Hennebury
The Hembrug didn't have any when I got it, I acquired a few basic tool holders, but you are right, there are lots of tool holders that you can put on this type of machine. Some of the fixtures have air bearing spindles for doing end mills and spiral router bits. You have indexing heads for multiple flutes.
The Supersurfacers also have their own grinding machines with two grinding wheels, one is a "rough" grinding horizontal spindle and the second head is for a vertical honing cup wheel for doing the 1° micro-bevel. It's all quite fascinating, and a lot less stressful than getting into arguments with sharpening shop guys that have done sloppy work and ruined your tools.
The rough grinding wheel did a better job than any sharpening shop that I had straight blades sharpened at. I had an old CNC one for a while, that was a nice machine, just push the button and it did the rough grinding and finish hone automatically. Unfortunately I don't have any tool grinding equipment these days.

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