Re: OT - Supply Chain Semi Rant

John in New Mexico
In the case of semiconductors, its world wide. I was reading about the beginnings of it months ago in regards to phones. Its the unfortunate flip side of business practices that have helped keep consumer products cheap for decades now, and it will be temporary. In the automotive corner of it, I recall reading that a lot of the problem is on the automakers, apparently they insist on sticking to their unique custom chips rather than using more readily available units that have applications beyond a single industry. Sounds good, but I've no idea how true it may be - sometimes people write stuff that simply sounds good based on a tiny grain of truth and only succeed in further muddying the picture.

However, its a pretty complex problem. I've yet to read a really well thought out discussion of it, just articles touching on pieces here and there.

On the plus side, I've read that some big companies are looking for ways to go around the domestic bottlenecks in order to improve their prospects of surviving the holiday shopping season. While I don't much care whether the big retailers survive or not, I do think that is an encouraging development because it improves the odds of new good ideas in turning up in how supply chains are managed.

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