OT - Supply Chain Semi Rant

David Yoho
We recently realized my wife's cell phone needed replacing ASAP. While visiting our son this past weekend my wife showed him her phone and how it was coming apart. He said the battery was swollen and had pushed it apart and could overheat while charging causing a fire.

When we got home we started researching phones and prices. We were only looking for an Android phone either from Google or Samsung. I have a Pixel that has an incredible camera but hers was an old Samsung S6. Turned out either nobody, including Verizon, had a new version (Pixel 5 or Samsung S20) or they wanted a king's ransome for it. I guess I hadn't realized cell phone availability was a problem like so many other items now.

I finally found an S20 on Amazon that was unlocked and what they termed "renewed premium". This means it's reconditioned by Samsung and carries the original warranty. Ordered it and it arrived yesterday. It looks brand new. We set it up by transferring everything from the old phone. This evening we will visit the Verizon store so they can install the SIM card and make the new phone active.

This supply chain mess we are experiencing in this country is total BS. Sheesh - don't find yourself in a need to purchase and new vehicle and a new mobile phone! Ain't gonna happen!!!

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