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Mark Hennebury
The Machine is a tool and cutter grinder made by Hembrug in Holland, makers of ultra high precision lathes and grinders. i bought it to sharpen router bits and other cutters. I started out using hand tools, learned how to sharpen chisels and planes., Got great surface finish from those tools, then started adding power tools and was a little disappointed that they weren't as good surface finish. The best router bits that i found were Stanley super sharp... then i got a Kanefusa... a different world! these router bits had mirrors on them! cut hard maple like butter! You could look into the carbide and see a perfect mirror reflection! You could not see any scratches, absolute perfect mirror image! Flawless finish surface. The problem was.. who could could sharpen them! I asked around, one sharpening shop owner said he couldn't... then he thought about it for a bit and said that he could, technically at least. He then explained that he had the machines that could do it, but it would require an extra operation of finish honing, and an extra superfine honing wheel, extra time and expense, and in fifteen years that he had been in business, no one else had asked. He said that his customers were okay with what he supplied! This should shake you! This is mind blowing, or at least it was to me. To realize that there is so much more possible, but that we only get what we know to ask for or are willing to accept! If we don't know how good things can be and we don't push for it, we won't get it. That was a turning point for me. So i did some research, the Kanefusa bits were high grade micro-grade carbide, with a superfine finish. So I thought that if no one would sharpen them to the original quality then I would, so I bought a tool and cutter grinder, then i checked who made superfine grinding wheels and ended up calling a company from Switzerland, the North American rep visited my shop shop with some sample grinding wheels. I asked to see the superfine 10 micron and finer wheels and was told that although the company makes them, they don't sell them in north America! There was a pattern here! I could order them from Switzerland. Then i checked into getting custom wheels made and got an education about grinding, that explained about hills and valley's, vibration and precision. Basically, it ain't no point putting racing wheels on a pickup truck! So if you want high precision finish you have to high precision grinding wheels on a high precision tool and cutter grinder... so I had to upgrade and get a better tool and cutter grinder. The Tool and cutter grinder in the photo weighs over 2000lb and has a massive column, it was a pretty serious machine, that did a pretty nice job.
It is all quite fascinating to get involved with.... the search for absolute is a bottomless pit.

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