CA glue, too *PIC*
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John K Jordan
>>>Along with glass or metal containers that don't breath like most plastic does - ...

CA glue is another product that suffers from being bottled in "most" plastics. In that case, it's moisture that goes through the plastic to shorten the life of the CA.

Mercury Adhesives wrote about the bottles they developed that was mostly impermeable to moisture. Their cap helps too. Their CA is expensive but it's the best I've used. They are so sure of if they have an unconditional replacement guarantee if a bottle ever sets up.

I use a different method that preserves bottles of CA regardless of the plastic of the bottles. I've written about this before but here is is again: store CA in a sealed container with desiccant to absorb any moisture. I use an indicator desiccant that turns from blue to pink when it needs to be recharged. I have some bottles that are over 6 years old and are still fine.

These days I use a larger container which makes it easier to find and replace a specific bottle.

Funny thing: I came up with this idea many years before I started using it myself. I told a friend who started using it immediately but I forgot about it. Duh! Maybe 8-10 years later he told me how he'd been keeping CA in a glass jar with desiccant ever since and how well it worked.


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