Fuji Mini Mite 3 sorta review

Mike L
A while back I asked a question about airless sprayers and an all around one to do paint and lacquer etc. I figured out it would be best to get an airless one for spraying walls etc, and a HVLP system to do the trim, doors and cabinets.

So after doing a lot more research I figured out what might work best for me.

A Fuji Mini Mite 3 with a T75G gravity gun. I ordered it from Amazon (my mistake). I received it boxed up nice and neat. I unboxed it and made sure all the parts where there.

I got the Mini Mite 3 Platinum compressor and a T70 1 QT bottom gun. I contacted Amazon and they stated I would have to send the entire unit back. I said no thanks. I then contacted Fuji, and they said they would just replace the gun because the package was labeled correct but the wrong gun was in it.

I said I needed to use it this weekend and understand if they can't exchange the gun after it has been used. They stated they couldn't if I used it. I then asked if there was a conversion kit to make it a gravity gun, and how much was it. They said for my inconvenience and understanding they would ship one to me for no cost.

Now on to the review.

I am spraying 8 interior doors in my garage. There is very little to no over spray from the gun. I keep a wall mounted fan running while I am spraying. You can spray a circle all the way up to a large fan pattern. The T70 gun is a bit hard to work with when spraying on a flat surface. I put the hose behind my neck to keep it off the wet paint, and take up some of the weight on my wrist.

The compressor has about the same level of noise as a small shop vac. After spraying one side of the 8 doors it did get hot, but that is to be expected.

If I slow down and let the gun do the work it sprays nice. I have a tendency to go faster then I should (my issue not the systems).

So if you are on the fence about getting one of these little units, go ahead and dive in.

Any way good customer service by Fuji and a Great Little Spray system


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