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David Weaver
.I used the wrong term for the bags that I have and use for often shelved finishes - stop loss bags.

I just checked my house made varnish (which is literally only varnish, nothing in it at all, not even dryers). Shelf life in a container is supposedly only a couple to 6 months before it gels.

The entirety is soft with no curing in it, and the only thing I've done with it is squeeze some out of the bag onto a pad when I use it. It's convenient. If I ever manage to empty the bag the violin varnish is in, I'll refill it with varnish again instead of discarding it (can't think of a good reason to toss the bag if there's almost nothing in it other than the same finish that would be going in).

Shorter periods of time and heavier use (in gallons instead of quarts), or the desire to drip a brush in the actual can of finish, I guess I could see cans and bloxygen, but otherwise, I don't really get it.

The lesson in staining recently shows me that I need to keep my mixed stain in it, too (artist pigment and base stain or just clear stain base). Wish I'd have done that - $3 of bag would've saved about $20 worth of mix that I really liked, without having to faff with cleaning out the groove on the can lid to make sure it was truly airtight.

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