Re: Using gas to preserve finishes

Since I TIG weld, I have been using argon for this, and recommended it here repeatedly. Didn't realize the mix of gasses in Bloxygen. Lee Valley was selling their own product for a while. I don't think they still do.

The key to efficient use is to figure out a way to to dispense your product without dumping the bloxygen. If you do that, one can of Bloxygen will last years. I put whatever gas into bottles, and top off with a syringe. Then when I need a little I invert and make like Marcus Welby and pull out the liquid, this way the blivet of gas is preserved and the gas is never consumed. There are also ways of dispensing from inverted bottles when you are using larger quantities, but they vary by spray system, etc...

It really starts to pay off with artists oil paints and such, and brushes. Huge time saver.

I guess Bloxygen is expensive because it was used with wine. But it is readily available, and if you find a good price it will give you a start, and then you can figure whether fresh finish is worth it to you. The finish is loosing it's characteristics a long time before it is solid in the can.

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