Gas is the best...

John in New Mexico
Along with glass or metal containers that don't breath like most plastic does - something I only kinda understand thanks to Bill T's efforts here over the years.

The start up cost of a bottle and regulator puts most people off right of the bat, along with the general unfamiliarity of having and transporting bottles around. In the office at my last observatory we were so used to nitrogen bottles everywhere that the electronics tech even used one in place of compressed air for dusting things off - it was simply easier than getting compressed air from the site system into his office.

The only advice I would offer to anyone desiring to try this (beyond go for it) is to get a proper bottle rack to secure the bottle in your shop. They are cheap insurance, just like a good ABC fire extinguisher, and in my mind should be considered part of the start up cost, just like the regulator.

Trueoil does cure in the bottle just like Waterlox, they behave just about the same in terms of drying time and short shelf life. Its sold in tiny bottles more because the projects it is marketed for are small. The stuff won't last until there's another gunstock to refinish if the customer doesn't know to take the appropriate measures like gassing the oil as you did. So you're right on your theory as to the size, but Waterlox doesn't sell small quantities because their target market uses the stuff more quickly.

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