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paul in AZ
Not easy. But consider a kamado for low and slow cooking.

In looking for a smoker I first wound up with a pellet fired Traeger. That was not to my liking. Sold it.
Then I discovered kamado grills. While it is easy to spend $1500-2,000 on a big green egg I have a Char Griller Akorn that cost $300. They also sell a Junior version for around $200 or less. The big box stores, Ace and even wally mart sell them.

The biggest difference from the expensive ones is that this 'egg' is lined with steel instead of ceramic. Tremendous insulation and miserly lump charcoal use means I could cook in the 225-250 degree range for about 24 hours on one fuel fill. [Ribs take 3 to 5+ hours depending on the cut] Once the temp is stabilized it requires no attention. Wood chunks can be added for smoking and this works well but may not be quite as good as a stick burning offset smoker.

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