Need smoker advice *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
We have become fond of smoked meat- primarily pork shoulder, but other occasionally.

What I am using has two disadvantages. It loads through the front door which is inconvenient compared to a top that comes off or a bigger door.

But more inconvenient it has a huge uninsulated surface area promoting high heat loss. I have difficulty controlling temperature. My smoking consists of cycles from 100 to 300 degrees as I add and run low on fuel.

I have a specific question. Will a gas or electric smoker produce an equivalent result? I am uninterested in just replicating our kitchen oven if these smokers do little better than oven roasting.

More globally, is there a better solution than what I am using if I am too cheap to pay more than $300 to replace it?

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