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Mark Mandell - Gone Round in New Jersey
You're forgetting finishes, Shellac & Lacquer, that function with 100% "burn-in".
Burn-in is the ability of a re-coat to partly dissolve the previous application so that the result is a single layer (thicker) of the resin after the solvent(s) evaporate. They don't "cure" like reactive finishes and polymerizing oils etc. The Chinese have used this property for centuries to make carved lacquer bowls and jars (not 'hollowforms') that are made of pure lacquer built up after many applications of the dissolved resin, and then carved.

The waterborne finish guys have, for lots of years, been working on getting 100% burn-in in their products. Some success was had if subsequent applications were done within a short time (usually several hours), before the carrier and tail solvents completely evaporated. The big advantage is that burned-in finishes eliminate witness lines if the film is cut back during the rub-out process.

Varnishes like polyurethane that don't re-dissolve the prior application (not ignoring the wet-on-wet method) have to be sanded for the next coat to get a good grip on the existing film.

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