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David Weaver
It appears to be mostly stoddard solvent, cobalt salts and a little bit of pine resin.

The reason I say I know nothing is that it sort of looks like it has bits that a violin varnish in it, but the proportions are monstrously different (the pine/dammar varnish that I made was very heavy on resin).

Since I'm not a chemist, I have no idea what's what, but $35 a quart for what's in it seems a bit steep.

I know from reading (before making varnishes) that there are "oil varnishes" and much of what's in the public reach is more "oily" and less permanent finish part other than the oils (like the dangerous high build two part polyurethane type finishes are not similar to polyurethane in a can, and "wiping varnishes" tend to be more oily and less quick building than a pine/dammar/linseed/turpentine varnish.

But my experimenting has been somewhat limited to that because shellac works so well for hand application (and durability is a who cares when the builder lives in the house with the stuff made with it) and I haven't added japan drier yet to the varnish (the drier CAS code for cobalt salts - or the component in it - is the same as one of the codes in waterlox).

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