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Makes sense at 80, the likelihood a problem will show up that is worse than COVID, particularly if one lives in or is headed for an institutional setting, makes it an easy decision.

On the other hand my 15 year old daughter is in a very different situation when the effects on reproductive health have not been sorted, the studies are not complete; there are hundreds of thousands of adverse reported effects between VAERS and the UK reporting system on periods alone. We live on a 125 acre farm, she goes to school online, and we only leave to go to the grocery store, or the hardware. And we live in a province with a population over 700K and currently less than 50 active cases. We are less risk than the average vaccinated persons who think they can't pass on the disease, or drive variants, but dang are they virtuous. Ontario (my winter home), just issued a vaccine passport lite system, and you need that thing, and I kid you not, if you want to go to sex clubs. I didn't know that was the driver for you vaccine people!

"Strip clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs;"

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