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""A lot of the most violently pro vaccine crowd are pretty happy to see the old off."

Tom D, that was a terrible thing to say. I am 80 and pro vaccine. My partner is 87 and also pro vaccine. No younger people I know would ever, ever wish death on the elderly. "

I didn't say they would wish death on the elderly. I said "pretty happy to see the old off" That does not imply they would kill them. I would think Cuomo is a good example. Loved mandates, dumped infected people in old age homes. The rail he rode out of town had nothing to do with killing a lot of old people.

I get tired listening to people talking about how COVID mainly kills the old, and they are near average lifespan, what's the biggie. Apparently people don't know the difference between lifespan, and life expectancy. Average life span somewhere is 78 years, life expectancy at 78 is 12 years, kinda deal.

But sure, nobody wants to see that old neighbor leave the building, but.. well, maybe the apartment will become available. Drop that in the current culture war, with decades of progressive anti boomer hate speech. You can find more than a few progressives who hate the old and love the power of mandates.

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