not vaccine-caused deaths..

David Weaver
VAERS requires physicians to report any deaths of vaccinated individuals, even if they're not suspected to be the cause.

So, what you see is what happens naturally - if you give vaccines to older folks in large quantities, some will not live to take advantage of them. The number given as "vax deaths" is falsely reported in various totals, 3k, 10k, whatever it may be.

Somewhere around 200 million people have received one or two vaccine doses. The death rate in the US is around 725 per 100k (per year). If you slice that into weeks, you'd expect 139 deaths per million people every two weeks (I picked two weeks - anyone who sees a death of a vaxed person within two weeks may conclude "it's the vax!!").

The reason it's not 139 instead of 17.73 is probably because people close to death aren't given the vax - there was a debate early on about that in nursing homes when vaxes were given to people who were expected to live a few days to a couple of weeks and they were getting side effects from the vax. Is it really worth it? And I think they decided that the individuals wouldn't live long enough to consider giving the vax and their life expectancy meant they would also be unlikely to contract and transmit covid.

So, no, VAERs deaths aren't deaths due to the vaccine. Some subset might be, and one looking at the general death rate would wonder why it's not higher than 17.73 considering all deaths (regardless of suspected cause) are to be reported.

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