postvax data from the state of PA
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David Weaver
To the chagrin of many on here, I loves me some data.

Whether it's snapping bits of steel and recording visual data (comparative pictures of grain size) after trying thermal forge cycles or getting this kind of data.

Here's the bits from the beginning of 2021 through September (PA has a relatively high vaccination rate, which should actually make the numbers more in favor of the *non-vaccinated* as it puts more and more higher risk individuals into the pool of "vaxed".

Total Covid deaths in PA - 3% are from individuals with two vaccines. Individuals over 65 are fully vaccinated at a rate around 80% here. That figures out to making it so that the covid death rate for unvaccinated individuals is likely more than 100 times greater for unvaccinated than vaccinated (this ties in to data everywhere else).

Tying this into something else the CDC or another fed agency provided, the average life lost (this is now an older statistic from late last year or early this year) for each covid death is about 12 years (that is, without covid, the average person who died would've lived an additional 12 years. Of course in reality, this could be 1 or almost zero for some and 50 for others in rare cases.

95% of hospital admissions with covid as a primary cause were among individuals not fully vaccinated. More than half of the adult population here is fully vaccinated - the odds from this are closer to 25 to 1 - as in, you're about 25 times more likely to be admitted for covid if you're not vaccinated.

94% of covid cases (including non-hospital cases along with the hospital admissions) were for unvaccinated individuals.

Some of these statistics may be tempered back slightly to take into account the first couple of months where the at risk population may not have been fully vaxed. But not much.

(of course, to some extent, the data that makes it so clear why the vaccine is good policy if making a data driven decision makes it less clear what the emergency is for the booster, but I think I made that case below enough and won't ..well, I just kicked the stiff horse again, but only once).

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