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David Weaver
I'd imagine there were shutdown measures.

I'm sure israel has a lot of hospitalizations and cases, but they also do have a strong cohort (Even if a minority) of vaccine avoiders (conscientious types).

Much of israel is different than our way of life, though. A local here became a rabbi and moved over there and described his living arrangements as traditional for the part of the culture he's in. two adults and 6 kids in a two room house. I don't know enough about why not the bigger house - I don't know the guy well enough to pepper him with questions.

OK...i went and pulled the numbers myself instead. 78% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. 59% of those hospitalized (not ICU, just hospitalized) are fully vaccinated. The bias will be generally that the more vulnerable groups are more highly vaccinated so this stat will understate the vaccine's effectiveness (it would need to be cohort adjusted).

without adjusting for cohort, the unvaccinated rate for the hospitalized folks is 2.46 times higher (barring me making an algebra error).

Cohort matters a lot and I wouldn't be surprised if it made the real number for an individual closer to 5 (which is around what the CDC estimates cohort neutral).

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