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David Weaver
.is pretty clear. I've heard more doctors and rumblings of divide within the CDC about the right way forward past the first two shots, though.

Shot 1 and 2 and those deaths you mentioned don't happen.

Neighbor here didn't believe much about covid, mumbled something to me about the vaccine (I got it as soon as it was available, anyway - I can read the data myself). He ended up getting covid instead (before the vaccine was available) and I didn't know it as it was last year over winter and we weren't exactly visiting everyone.

Around February, we had a warm day, and he said he was down for 3 months (he's a little over 60 but far more fit than I am). His message was completely different! He could also beat me to ribbons, so when he was venting about the whole covid thing being an overreaction before all of this, I didn't say much - it put him out of work and I could understand why he was panicking).

Long story short, after he got covid, apparently around the holidays, he suddenly changed his tune to his relatives (according to him) and as soon as he was no longer symptomatic, they insisted on visiting. They all got it, and the MIL ended up in the hospital. They were lucky nobody died.

But 2-5 weeks is one thing - he was down for 3 months and there are few in their late 50s or early 60s as fit as he is. It took a big mental toll.

This kind of clarity (both anecdotal for nearly all of us locally - except the few where our local sample isn't big enough to match the larger data set) is why I tried to be clear in the thread below that I had no interest in comparing anything other than 2 shots or 3.

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