Nail removal, hollow drill bit???

Barry Irby
I was savaging some wood out of pallets. Those guys use air driven ring shank or spiral shank nails and some of them are a bear to remove. I made a hollow drill bit out of a small tube by sharpening the end with a file and drilled around a nail that was reluctant and broke. Worked well but the tube was so flimsy it was a one shot deal.

There is an HVAC company next door that gets some interesting pallets. This one had three cherry rails about 3 x 3 and 8' long. Sometimes I find astounding curly grain or spalting. Sometimes they get shipments from out of the country and there is exotic wood. So, once in a while I walk over and check out the pallets and get ones that are interesting. Most of it is really crappy wood but they use some excellent nails.

So the questions: Anybody got a good easy way to remove the nails and break down pallets? Can you buy ready made tubular drills bits? How about steel tube to make my own?

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