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"B. Catch it and become the perfect host for the virus to mutate again before you pass it on like the Delta variant currently overloading hospitals and killing people all across the country."

That is not a thing, because vaccinated people get infected, replicate the virus, and infect others also, and when the virus is in their body, it either dies, or creates a vaccine resistant variety, those are the only novel choices.

In people who aren't vaccinated, it would be like monkeys typing Shakespeare for a virus to mutate to vaccine resistance. It is a million to one shot.

Why would a virus mutate to a form it does not need to assume in order to survive or spread in the body of an unvaccinated person. And how would it copy that key without something to copy form? What it needs to do it mutate to a less virulent form because if it kills the host it limits it's spread. It is not advantageous to the virus to kill people. It mainly kills large numbers because it jumped from another species, or in this case maybe because it was engineered to do that.


The other thing is the vaccines suck. The Pfizer in particular is tapering off fast, so there is a period of low efficacy, and that is a great time for vaccine resistance and/or spread.


With grandkids, who if normal have basically a zero risk from COVID, if they are under 12, the easiest way not to kill them is to leave them alone. Usually an option. If they are infected at that stage, it is probably a plus. At some point we may see a variant that kills young people, we are certainly breeding virus in terrible school conditions (up north where we don't have great ventilation) at a huge rate. There is nothing about COVID that says it will not up and kill kids at some point, except viruses tend to get gentler, but it doesn't have to happen. And this is not a normal virus.

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