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Are you saying they should give the shot to their 5 year old daughter?

The CDC came out with a study that leaked in the "slide deck" and it showed COVID was as heavy in the nasal passages of vaccinated and unvaccinated people who were infected. There is the possibility some of that junk is dead in vaccinated people. (that is always the case with PCR test, along with the fact it may be something other than 19, or they cranked the machine too high. but so far they haven't worried about any of that). It is for sure, though, that people who are vaxxed can infect others. So where the problem lies is the "I am vaxxed, I can do no wrong people". No, they can replicate and create resistant variants; spread it; and if they think they are of no risk to others, they aren't exactly a smart bombs. As you say the old should have been vaccinated, unless it was not possible.

Saving the old people in their lives isn't as easy as it sounds.

If i was working, and had old people in the house, I would get vaccinated, and so should they. But that is not necessarily going to cut it. So what do you do? If it was a "Rambo" movie the hero would move heaven and earth to save his family. We see nothing like that kind of urgency with the old. A lot of the most violently pro vaccine crowd are pretty happy to see the old off.

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