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The shots are nothing like 1/1000000, you are saying we are expecting only 350 people in all of the US have an effect. Even Fauci would laugh at that.

You have the individual risk not the 2% you quote, which includes all the people who died when there were no vaccines, and there were tons of old people who just got culled. The actual individual rate for healthy and under 60, 99.985 complete recovery. But there are a lot of people who are compromised. I would for sure have to take it if I didn't live in the bush.

Where I currently live, the total death toll for the whole province was 45 people, which is less than died in just one care home in the other community I live in which is outside Toronto. Actually the total pop of the county vs the province, are similar. So it is not impossible to survive wihtout vaccines, and to not have to shut down the economy, though they did. Also the province is one of the oldest in Canada, demographically. So they should have done worse.

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