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David Weaver
In general, to you, it appears that your relative risk of dying goes up 15% if you get no shots (maybe somewhat more). That's generalized somewhat (I vaguely recall you saying you're about 80, and age counts for a lot here).

Your risk of morbidity (having a case and having it be disabling) is also relatively high compared to the general population.

If you get the shots, your relative risk probably drops by at least 10 times for the above, but potentially more. The more severe the outcome, the better the decrease in risk for getting the shots. Risk of getting covid at all drops to about 1/4th as likely, but so far, the people with the best long-term outlook are those who got both covid and the shots (so shots give you a greater chance of getting a mild case and having better immunity).

Hard to get straight case fatality rate for 75-85 age group (though I may just be unlucky so far), but would guess that if you get covid with out a shot and you're 80, your chance of death is around 7 or 8% - not great odds. And things can happen quickly.

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