Re: Tinnitus Questions ... OT

H Bruce McCrory
So, I resolved to use the fore ground-back ground feature to deal with this. This is an area of Gestalt Psychology ... in simple terms, how we perceive and experience objects. What I did was throw away the hearing aids and sound therapy machine. I resolved to let nature take its course, that is, that force the fore ground (Tinnitus) to fade into the back ground. I believed that this would do so if I stopped thinking about it.

White noise serves a similar function to mask surrounding noise. Your comment convinces me to continue in my current program...

Tinnitus is a likely fallout from a childhood of ear infections--my excuse. We didn't get tubes back then. I resist hearing aides now for much of the similar reasons you mention, Derek. With an added caveat.

I know my hearing is better in several ranges than that of other members of my household. She hates it, but my wife has the perfect range of voice to compete with my ability to fade out tinnitus. I don't hear words while she mumbles, but I can hear her.

Having better hearing in certain ranges, permits me to pick up voices in other rooms, even through headphones. Over forty plus years Kris got used to getting my attention from other ends of the house. All I need to do is ignore her voice better, and she should finally come to me. But, that also has complications.

In the interim, your self diagnosis should support me in future discussion involving hearing aides.

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