Re: Wow, Thanks, I would think...

William Duffield
A very useful information source from the Gougeon Brothers, developers and users of West System.

I have been successful using TransTint, in small amounts, one drop in one pump resin and one pump hardener. I found out the hard way (it didn't :( ) that you must thoroughly mix the resin and hardener before adding the dye (alcohol based). Otherwise, the dye and carrier get in the way of the polymerizing. I suspect using a dry powder pigment would be more lenient in mixing schedule, but I can't guarantee that.

I once had a surprising overheating event with a half cup batch of West that I'd used most of on a very hot* summer day. I set the cup down on the rock driveway. when I turned around to check on it a few minutes later, and it had swelled up to the shape, size and color of a candy apple, with steam coming out of the middle of the top, where the stirring stick was still in the goop. Most of the reason for the color was the hardener, which was old. Evidently old hardener still works as well as fresh, even if it has darkened substantially and become more viscous.

* That's "very hot" for coastal New Jersey, not New Mexico. :)

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