Re: Wow, Thanks, I would think...

John in NM
How best to measure depends on how you want to do it. West sold pumps that kept the right proportion with a single pump of each - volume basically. If you're measuring manually by pouring into two cups, I would do weight since it seems easier to repeat accurately. Postal scale from Walmart was under $20 last time I bought one, and measure to the gram easily.

For dye we used to use ProLine universal tint from the paint store. Doesn't take a lot of tint if you're going for black, so it doesn't affect the epoxy much. I've gotten TransTint to mix into 5 minute epoxy by adding a little acetone, but it makes the epoxy too rubbery to be useful.

The shrinking could be that the epoxy is more dense once polymerized or whatever it does (Bill or Cameron would know better than I do about that). Since it can get hot while curing, you can also attribute some of the shrinkage to it cooling down. How much is caused by either of these I couldn't tell you.

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