Re: Question for John and others familiar with Epo

Ralph Lipeles
"Hardener" is a somewhat misleading term. It is a chemical that initiates the reaction that transforms the 2 parts of the epoxy into one that will adhere and set to a solid. The amoust of hardener to use is stated by the epoxy maker. If the user changes the ratio it usually causes the cured epoxy to have less strength or to have poorer adhesion to the parts it is being usen on. .

One thing about epoxies that has not been mentioned is storage of the epoxy. Storage can extend it's life. When I worked at a company that made high tech radar for the Navy, we used lots of epoxies. At that time the mil specs required that epoxies had to be discarded after 6 month from the time that the epoxy tubes/cans were opened. I would bring the 6 month, expired epoxies, home and put them in the freezer. That required a little planning ahead so that when you used the epoxy it was defrosted and in a useable viscosity for working. I still use some epoxies that I froze 30 years ago.

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