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William Duffield
Until you described your subject matter, I was going to suggest using your chainsaw, which I have used on bark more successfully than either a drawknife or the Lancelot or a Cutzall burr on an angle grinder. I have used all three, but not extensively, mostly for rough carving the bowls of spoons and ladles.

For your randomly shaped logs with securely attached bark, however, I use my carving hatchet.

I do like the Kutzall burr much better the chainsaw blade disc, because I feel like I have better control of it. Any time I try this, I have a few rules: Always hold on to the angle grinder firmly with both hands, keep the guard in place, and wear my logging chaps. Like Barry suggests, you might want to watch Stumpy Nubs YouTube videos on his accident. Unlike a chainsaw, an angle grinder doesn't have any bumper spikes.

I have two Makita angle grinders. One of them is for 4-1/2" discs, but it is not designed for left handers as the guard is not adjustable, and I can't find a comfortable way to hold it that also gives me the control I need for carving.

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