Re: The patron Saint of us ignorant people

William Duffield
I use clear plastic packing tape. The flatter you can put it down, the better.
the epoxy will seep into any wrinkles, but if you flatten them with a J-roller, not much will work its way in, much less, escape, and you can easily scrape or sand that off. It peels right off when the epoxy has kicked, leaving a flat, smooth surface. Any places you don't have any wrinkles, especially on the bottom of your slab, are now finished. Any little ridges left from tape overlap sands or scrapes off as easily as tracks left from hand planing the surface. The dispenser for strapping cardboard boxes is very convenient, because it leaves minimal wrinkles.

I think the epoxy you want to use is made by Alumilite. It is significantly less expensive and more flexible after it cures than West System.

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